What is What Is Called Thinking?

This is my philosophical diary, an attempt to share snapshots of my “spirit in flight.”

In this house we believe that:

  • The good life is a thoughtful one.

  • Expertise is not the same as wisdom.

  • Study is an end in itself.

  • The life of the mind needs a home beyond academia.

  • Abstract questions have existential import.

  • Reverence and skepticism are both needed.

  • Paradoxes can set us free.

About Me:

I’m a rabbi, scholar, poet, and coach, passionate about sharing my life-long love of learning with you. I write a weekly Torah commentary here and host the podcast Meditations with Zohar.

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Zohar Atkins 

Rabbi. Thinker. Poet. Founder, Etz Hasadeh Podcast: Meditations with Zohar Chief Culture Officer @ Invisible Technologies